March 1, 2020

How to schedule OIC integration and iCal Expression

USE CASE I: [BASIC TYPE] Schedule the integration for every 10 minutes. For this type there is minimum frequency limit of 10 minutes. If you try to define a schedule frequency of under 10 minutes, a validation error occurs. Use iCal to schedule the integration below 10 minutes.

USE CASE II: [ADVANCE TYPE] Schedule the frequency for every 5 minutes using iCal expression. 

Lets see the steps in detail :

Step 1 : Activate the scheduled integration and then click on the hamburger 
             sign. Select Add Schedule.

Knowledge :  👀 
App Driven Orchestration ? : It enables you to create an integration that uses an event or business object to trigger the integration. In laymen's terms  - you have to pass some inputs to trigger the app driven orchestration integrations.

Scheduled Orchestration ? : It enables you to create an integartion that uses a schedule to
trigger the integration instead of an adapter. After designing such integration, you can schedule when to run it.

Step 2 : click Add Schedule

Step 3 : Now set the frequency by clicking on Only once

Step 4 : Select Hours and Minutes because our requirement is to submit the 
             Integration in every 10 minutes.

                  Note : you can select other option(Days, Weeks etc.) as per your requirement.

Step 5 : Enter 10 in minutes box.

Step 6 : Click Save and then click Close.

Step 7 : Click Start Schedule.

            Click Start. 

Done. Your integration is scheduled for every 10 minutes. Now close the scheduling window. Integration will automatically get submitted in every 10 minutes interval of time.


Step 1 :  After step 2 in case I, select TYPE : ADVANCED

Step 2 : Enter below iCal Expression to schedule the integration for 5 every
             5 minutes interval of time.

                 Click Validate Expression.

Knowledge :  👀 


The following expression indicates that this integration runs each month on the 1st, 10th, and 15th days of the month at 5:15 AM,10:15 AM, 3:15 PM , and 8:15 PM.

 Step 3 : Click Start Schedule

             Click Start.

Done. Your integration is scheduled for every 5 minutes. Now close the scheduling window. Integration will automatically get submitted in every 5 minutes interval of time.

Thank you ! 😊