' oicbasics: May 2020
May 17, 2020

Testing of Basic Error Handling in OIC

In this blog we will test the Integration which we have developed in previous blog

Prerequisite : SoapUI Tool

Lets see the testing steps in detail :
  • Activate the Integration and open the URL which get generated after integration activation.
  • Copy the Endpoint URL 

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Basic Error Handling in OIC | Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides "Global Fault Handler" to catch errors/faults in orchestrated integration and perform actions. In an event of a fault in an integration it goes to "Global Fault Handler" to perform some user define actions like notifying about error by sending email notification etc. and then stops the flow of integration abruptly with an error state i.e. integration will stop and not move to next logical step. We can add fault handling to any integration type (for example: app driven orchestration, scheduled integration etc.). 

Now suppose 👀 →when you have to iterate through multiple conditions and need to continue even if one condition fails i.e. you don't want your integration flow to stop but move on to the next logical step. To achieve this we have to configure "Default Fault Handler" (at Scope Level).
Scope can catch the error and move ahead to the next logical step in the integration.This does not stop the integration abruptly but rather moves to the next logical step(ex. if there is any Loop, loop will continue to execute).