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November 28, 2020

How to configure Integration Properties in OIC | Property Values | Oracle Integration

Integration Properties are user defined properties available for usage by activities (e.g. Notification , Log) as read-only data with in the flow. Read only data 👉 because the integration property value can’t be updated within the integration. For example, you cannot update the integration property in an assign action.

You can update integration properties value outside of the regular integration design. At runtime, these integration properties take effect and override the values you configured at design time. 

For example, you can specify an email address to use in the To field of a notification action during runtime that overrides the email address specified at design-time. This feature enables you to configure the value without having to edit the integration design itself or having to pass the value at runtime.

*Note : You can configure all types of properties, including file path, database properties, server properties, credentials, and any constant property that changes at regular intervals.


Lets see the configuration steps with one example : 

Use Case - In this example we will see the steps to define, use and update integration property value. We will configure two integration properties having name "sendTo" and "sendFrom" that will store To and From email address for notification action. Further we will map these two properties with To and From field of a notification action.

  • Right click the trigger connection and select menu icon. Select Edit Integration Properties to add a property.

    • Click + to add Property Name and its Default Value. In this example I have added two parameter - 'SendTo' and 'SendFrom' to store notification email address. Enter their default values(email address) and click close.
                 Note : A maximum of 10 integration properties can be added.


    • Now open notification activity to map *From and *To  field with above declared property value "sendTo" and "sendFrom"

      • Drag and Drop *sendFrom inside From field expression box.

      • Similarly drag and drop *sendTo inside To field expression box.

    • Activate the integration. You have successfully configured and used integration properties.

NOTE : !!
Scheduled integration support runtime runtime configuration. Therefore, you can update the integration property value when the integration is active. But App driven orchestration do not support runtime configuration. Therefore, you can update the integration property value when the integration is not not active


  • Now if you want to Update the integration property value
    • Select  Actions menu

    • Select Update Property Values.

    • Click the integration property to update, then enter a value in the New Value field and click Submit. In this example I have updated *sendTo value.
      • select *sendTo

      • Enter new email address inside New Value box and click submit. New Value replaces the currently stored value and will be used for the new run of the integration.

A confirmation message indicates that the property was updated successfully.