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December 17, 2022

Today's Men and the crime against Women

This article is written by Kabir Yadav, a student, Former Integration Developer at Infosys & Deloitte, Views are personal

In ancient India women choose a man as her husband from a group of suitors (method commonly know as   'Svayamvara'  ) and the unselected man leave the venue without getting offended. As a man they respect the women decision, they don't bind it with their ego or self-respect. Now think can we organize a Svayamvara for a girl today, I think no, because she may be attack by acid from the unselected men 😶

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December 10, 2022


Recently you may have come to know that AAP (i.e. Aam Adami Party - a political party in India ) set to became the 9th National Party of India after winning 5 seats (MLAs) and securing 13% polled vote share in the Gujarat Assembly Election on Thursday Evening. Congratulations to AAP workers but for me as a curious individual I was quite  interested in the Buzzword - 'National Party'.

So Good morning readers, In this Blog Post I will share my learning regarding 'How a registered party became a 'National Party' in India'.

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October 29, 2022

Configure REST Trigger Endpoint to Get CSV Data | Integration

In this blog we will see the steps to configure REST Trigger (Source) Endpoint which can receive CSV data as Input from any source system (ex : from WMS System) and do the data processing as require further.

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