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June 29, 2023

Oracle Integration (OIC) to import data into HCM cloud using HDL Import Job | Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle HCM Data Loader (HDL) Process ❓ 🤔

    • Oracle HCM Data Loader (HDL) jobs, a powerful tool for bulk loading data through integrations. 
    • Using Oracle HDL, you can load business objects for most Oracle HCM Cloud products into Oracle Integration. For example, you can load new hires from Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (Taleo EE) as workers into Oracle HCM Cloud using an Oracle HDL job. 
    • Integration architect can generate the delimited data files in Oracle Integration using business object template files provided by Oracle HCM Cloud. The business object template file must be associated with a stage file action in Oracle Integration to generate the delimited data file .

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    • To learn more about how to obtain the business-object template file from Oracle HCM Cloud and use the same for delimited data file generation, refer to this post on the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect portal.

Develop an integration to get dynamic email notification | Oracle Integration Cloud

Knowledge :  👀 
Notification? : Enables you to send notification email to relevant users at specific points in the execution of an integration.

When we can use dynamic email notification ❓🤔

suppose you want to send email notification that contain DATA in TABEL FORMAT which ROWS is not FIXED i.e. body of email notification is not fixed. Sometime it contain 2 rows , in next run it may need 50 rows etc. so table structure needs to be dynamic ---> to handle such use case we need code OF DYNAMIC EMAIL NOTIFICATION.

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December 17, 2022

Today's Men and the crime against Women

This article is written by Kabir Yadav, a student, Former Integration Developer at Infosys & Deloitte, Views are personal

In ancient India women choose a man as her husband from a group of suitors (method commonly know as   'Svayamvara'  ) and the unselected man leave the venue without getting offended. As a man they respect the women decision, they don't bind it with their ego or self-respect. Now think can we organize a Svayamvara for a girl today, I think no, because she may be attack by acid from the unselected men 😶

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