' oicbasics: January 2021
January 15, 2021

Read BI Report base64 encoded response

In the previous post we have seen the PART 1 of BI Report Invocation. If you don't have seen that requesting you to first check that out by clicking here.

In this article we will develop the left part (PART 2) i.e. convert the base64 encoded run report operation response  and then read it in proper XML format using stage activity.

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Invoke BI Report in OIC | Run Report Operation

In this article we will see the steps to invoke a BI Report in an Integration and then the steps to read its base64 encoded output.

we will do the development by breaking it into 2 parts :

PART 1 : Steps to invoke a BI Report
PART 2 : Steps to read the base64 encoded report output. (access link)

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