' oicbasics: Running the Echo Sample Integration | Testing
March 3, 2019

Running the Echo Sample Integration | Testing

please see the previous blog to see the integration development steps.

How To Activate the Integration :

Step 1: On the Oracle Integration Cloud Service home page, click the Integrations diagram.
The Integrations diagram for creating and activating integrations

Step 2: In the row for the Echo sample, click the Activate icon, then click Activate when prompted

Step 3: Wait for the icon to turn green, indicating that it is activated.

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How To Run the Integration :

Step 1: Click on the link that will pop up on screen top after activation as shown in below image

Step 2: Now copy the End Point URL(as highlighted in below image) and paste this URL in browser by passing your input message in place of {message} in URL. 

*Open the URL in Firefox Browser because it may not work in Chrome Browser.


For Example , pass "invoking my first integration" message inlace of {message}
https://hostname:port/integration/flowapi/rest/ECHODEMO/v01/Invoking my first integration

Note : You may see one pop up after clicking on End Point URL asking for credentials, there you have to enter your OIC login credentials(your OIC email id & password)

What Results Do You See :
You receive the following response in your browser:
  "Message" : "Invoking my first integration.",
  "Welcome" : "\"Welcome to OIC!!!  Echo was successful.\""

How To Monitor the Integration :

Step 1: In the navigation pane, click previous icon as shown below

Step 2: In the navigation pane, click  Monitoring

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Step 3: In the navigation pane, click Tracking and note that the integration is listed as completed.

Description of sample_echo_tracking.png follows
Step 4: In the navigation pane, click Integrations and note the status of the message processed.

Description of sample_echo_integrations.png follows


If you have any doubts, Please let me know.