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February 8, 2020

Lookups in Oracle Integration Cloud

We use lookups in the integrations to create reusable tables that map the different terms used to describe the same item across your applications. Lookups are exact same as Data Value Map(DVM) in SOA.

Lets see how to define a Lookup in OIC  with an example :

Use Case :-

Inside this blog, we see will define a lookup for Country Code & Country Name. For a specific Country Code we will assign one unique Country Name.

United States of America

development Steps in detail :

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STEP 1 : Click at Lookups present inside Designer tab and then click CREATE 


               Enter the below details and click CREATE :
           *Lookup Name : CountryLookup ( you can write any meaning full name)
             Description    : write small description

STEP 2 : Click on Domain_Name_1 and then click Edit Domain Name
              and enter the below detail and click Ok

              *Domain Name : Country_Code

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STEP 3 : Similarly click Domain_Name_2 and then click Edit Domain Name
              and enter the below detail and click Ok

             *Domain Name Country_Name

STEP 4 : Now add the values in lookup table. Click the "+" icon and add the
             below values (as shown in below image)
             In Country_Code column write IN & in Country_Name write INDIA

            Similarly add two more values (as shown in below image )

         Country_Code  Column  : add  USA , IS
                Country_Name  Column  : add UNITED STATES of AMERICA , ISRAEL 

              After adding above two values click Save and then click Close.

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STEP 5 : Your Lookups is ready to use in Integration. Please access the Next
             blog to know how to implement this Lookups in an Integration.



  1. How can I use the lookup table so I could fetch a different adaptor based on a given input value?

  2. I would glance at usage in addition to configuration of lookup

    1. Already have mentioned the Link (in step-5) to check usages of lookups. Please cross read the blog properly ..

  3. What is the function of "Replace with Adapter" option in the Domain_Name drop down selection?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks Kabir for this good article. It is helpful!

  6. What is the use of "Replace with Adapter" option in the Domain_Name drop down selection?

    1. can't explain it here :) please check oracle document


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