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October 7, 2020

Configure OTM connection in OIC

In this blog I have described the steps to configure the OTM connection in Oracle Integration Cloud Instance.


Step 1 : Configure OTM Connection using Logistics adapter.
Step 2 : Upload OTM SSL Certificates.

Prerequisite : Requesting you to follow this blog & download the OTM SSL certificates files. We need it in below steps.

Knowledge :👀
Certificates are used to validate outbound SSL connections. A certificate enables Oracle Integration to connect with external services. If the external endpoint requires a specific certificate, request the certificate and then upload it into oracle integration.

Steps in detail : 

STEP 1: Steps to Configure OTM Connection: 

  • Go to Connection Tab and create New Connection

  • Search for LOGISTICS adapter and select it

  • Give connection a meaningful name and click create

  • Fill the below details :
    • *WSDL URL : Enter the OTM Transmission Service WSDL URL or you can upload its WSDL file also.
    • SECURITY : Enter the OTM user credentials. Make sure the user has the required roles assigned. Otherwise you may receive Authentication Error.

  • Click Save and Test the connection. Your OTM connection configuration completed.

STEP 2: Steps to upload SSL certificate:

Prerequisite : If you don't have downloaded the certificate files yet, requesting you to follow this blog & download the OTM SSL certificates files. We need it in below steps.

  • In the left navigation pane, click Home > Settings >Certificates

  • Click Upload at the top of the page
  • Enter an alias name and optional description
  • In the Type field, select the certificate type = X.509 (SSL transport) and Category = TRUST

Knowledge :👀
X.509 (SSL transport ) - Select a certificate category :

Trust: Use this option to upload a trust certificate. Click Browse, then select the trust file(example - .cer or .crt) to upload.

Identity: Use this option to upload a certificate for two -way SSL communication.
1. Click Browse, then select the keystone file (.jks) to upload.
2. Enter the comma-separated list of passwords corresponding to key aliases.
3. Enter the password of the keystore being imported.


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