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March 14, 2021

Create Calculator SOAP connection

Knowledge :  👀 
Connection ? :  A connection is based on an adapter. For example, to create a connection to a specific Logistic Cloud application instance, you must select the Logistic adapter and then specify the WSDL URL, security Policy and security credentials to connect to it.

In this post I have mention the steps to create a Calculator SOAP connection. This connection is being used in next article - "Throw New Fault activity in OIC", after creating below connection you can access this article and use this connection in an integration.

  • Navigate to Connection Window, select Create and Select SOAP adapter.

  • Give meaningful *Name and select *Role=Invoke, click create.

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Knowledge :  👀 
Difference between Trigger & Invoke ?:  
*Trigger ( source connection ) - For request sent to OIC service
*Invoke ( target connection ) - For requests sent from OIC Service to the target.

  • Paste the below calculator service *WSDL URL and Security= No Security Policy then select Save .

 *WSDL URL : http://www.dneonline.com/calculator.asmx?WSDL

Note : No security policy is assigned to the calculator service to access it. Any third party system can access it without using any security credentials. It is available for all. That's why we are passing Security=No Security Policy to access this service.

  • Click Test and then click Validate and Test. 
  • Connection tested successfully. Now click back arrow sign and come out of the configuration window.

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  • Calculator connection is active and ready to use as invoke role in an integration.

  • Access Next article to use this connection in an integration

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