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  1. Hi Kabir,

    I am working for Integrating with /hcmRestApi/resources/{workersUniqID}/child/emails for creating a worker email. So first I was passing the personId to get the worker details and I was trying to get the only value for workersUniqueID from href, but I was not able get the workersUniqueID from href in OIC. Can you please help which function can I use to get the value for wokerUniqueID, and also can you please share the blog if you have it.

    I was using the below expression for getting the workersUniqueID from href.

    expression: substring-after($GetWorkerAll/nssrcmpr:executeResponse/nsmpr9:response-wrapper/nsmpr9:links/nsmpr9:href, '/workers/')

    Can you please find the below response payload and I need to get the highlighted value only in OIC response will map to variable to get the workesUniqueID.

    "PersonId": 1234566789,
    "PersonNumber": "ABC02",
    "CorrespondenceLanguage": null,
    "BloodType": null,
    "DateOfBirth": "1990-01-01",
    "DateOfDeath": null,
    "CountryOfBirth": null,
    "RegionOfBirth": null,
    "TownOfBirth": null,
    "ApplicantNumber": null,
    "CreatedBy": "example.oracle@example.com",
    "CreationDate": "2021-03-19T14:22:41.477+00:00",
    "LastUpdatedBy": "TEST",
    "LastUpdateDate": "2021-03-24T15:30:56.243+00:00",
    "links": [
    "rel": "self",
    "href": "https://:/hcmRestApi/resources/",
    "name": "workers",
    "kind": "item",
    "properties": {
    "changeIndicator": " 0002000TEST012345"


    1. "links": [ ---- > It's repeating element, so you have to use 'for each' first and then use the 'substring-after' function as given in below screenshot :

      URL to access the screenshot 👉 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jjdqdAu4N68HmjUkTLE3nK-qLehV4AQn/view?usp=sharing

  2. Hi kabir,

    I have tried one basic scenario read the xml and write the file in csv format in target location.

    For that i was used Schedule Orchestration by using FTP i am reading the Files and then created one stage file for writing the CSV format and then from stage file to i am sending the file to FTP location thorugh FTP connection write operation. but in stage write file i am getting error like "Error in fetching payload" Could you please suggest on this.

    1. with this much info, its difficult to provide solution

  3. Could you upload one post for read the File XML and write the same file in CSV format

  4. while sending email notification can we add multiple CC receipient

    1. you can add multiple email ids in TO section of email notification

  5. How do I get the workersUniqID using powershell

    1. please check below article link. It might help you.
      Article Link 👉 https://www.oicbasics.com/2022/03/worker-rest-api-for-oracle-hcm-cloud.html

  6. Hello Kabir, My requirement is to Create OIC integration to create workers email id using HCM rest api. But all I have is PersonNumber and what I understood is we need workers unique id to create meial. Can you please suggest a way here.

    1. Hi Shital, you can refer below Article Link, it will clear your doubt regarding Unique Worker ID.

      Article Link : https://www.oicbasics.com/2022/03/worker-rest-api-for-oracle-hcm-cloud.html

    2. and if it didn't helps you, you can connect us at 'thekabiryadav@gmail.com'


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