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 " To Know anything new we have to start from its basics "

Hello !

This blog is solely made for those who wants to learn the basics of Oracle Integration Cloud by doing hands-on practises.

You can follow the below sequence to effectively use the blogs and do the hands-on practises from complexity minimum to medium.

Open www.oicbasics.com

                 Click on HOME Tab.

                           Read the basics about OIC from Home page & Start practising the
                           hands-on by following different blogs link present in Hands-On Links Tab

                                 POC -1: Sample ECHO Integration

                                 POC -2: Sample SOAP Integration

                                 POC -3: Lookups in Integration

                                 POC -4: Dynamic Email Notification

                                 POC -5: Custom Function in Integration

                                 POC -6: FTP Write Operation

                                 POC -6: FTP Read Operation

                                 POC -7: Agents in OIC 


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