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March 26, 2019

How to apply for Metalink(My Oracle Support) access

What is Metalink(My Oracle Support)?

Metalink(My oracle support)  is a service provided by Oracle to customers who want any sort of technical assistance. If you don't have metalink account there is no way to download patch, can log a SR or reach to related technical documents.

STEP 1: Click to open My Oracle Support signup home page & the click at New User?Register Here

STEP 2: If you already have Oracle Account then just click on Sign In (as shown in below image).If you don't have then see my previous blog to first create your Oracle Account and after that start from Step 1 of this blog....

STEP 3: Open My Account , Under Support Identifier tab click for Request Access

NOTE: If you have signup for oracle account now and trying to signup for Metalink you may see below window inspite of above image (step 3). So just enter the empty field and click for continue... and then follow from step 3

STEP 4: Fill the below required details and then click Validate

  • *Support Identifier : Enter the CSI Number(Customer Support Identifier) of the Customer first.This is generally subscribed by the the companies who used Oracle Products.
  • *Organization Name : Enter the Organization name.(Your client Organization name)

STEP 5: If Validation is successfull, You will get below popup message . Save it for your future reference.That's it.

Please write in below comment section if you need any help.
March 24, 2019

How to Create Your Oracle Account

Why an Oracle Account?
**To access the different services provided by Oracle(ex. Metalink, Oracle Applications), we must have to first create an Oracle Account.

STEP 1:  Click to open the Oracle Account Sign Up Home Page.

STEP 2:  Enter all the details in the required filed and then click on Create Account. 

  • Job Title* : Enter your current designation in company( ex: Systems Engineer)
  • Company Name* : Enter name of your company you are currently working in.

STEP 3: You will receive one mail from Oracle having userid and Password of your Oracle Account.
               Your Oracle Account has been created successfully, you can now log in.

Please write in below comment section if you need any help. I will be more than happy to help you. ]

March 3, 2019

Testing of Calculator Integration | SOAP Connection

In the previous blog we have seen how to develop Integration having SOAP connection. Now in this blog we will see how to test it.
(Integration Name: Calculator Integration)

Complexity : None

Prerequisite : SoapUI Tool

Step 1 : Activate the developed integration , then click Activate when prompted

Step 2 : Once the Integration get activated, copy the WSDL URL that popup at top of screen.

[UPDATE ] : Due to recent update , you may not see the Popup. So to get the URL, just hover over the šŸŸ¢ ACTIVE --> then click RUN --> click METADA LINK and then Copy the END POINT URL

Step 3 : Now open SoapUI tool and then click on SOAP icon and then paste the above copied WSDL URL and then click Ok

Step 4 : Add timestamp & basic authentication (Username Token) in Header of request payload and then run the request.

Note : In basic authentication you have to pass your OIC Instance user id & password

Congratulation! you have successfully configured and tested an Integration having SOAP Connection.

Development of Calculator Integration | SOAP Connection

 Use Case : 
In this blog we will develop a Basic Routing Integration which will do summation of two numbers.
Suppose we will pass 5 & 6 as Input of Integration, Output we will get is 11.

*Note : you can click on any image to zoom out.

Complexity: None

  • Calculator SOAP Connection (please see previous blog to know how to create this connection in OIC)
  • SoapUI - 5.5.0 Tool to test this integration (you can download it from google, make sure that you download the latest version 5.5.0 or Upgraded version then 5.5.0)

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lets see the development steps in detail:

STEP 1 : In the navigation pane, click Integration then click Create

STEP 2 : select Basic Routing and enter the Integration Name and then click Create

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STEP 3 : Drag & Drop the Calculator Connection (which we have created in previous blog) from right hand side connection pane to left hand side Trigger part of Integration (as shown in below image)

  • Write end point name & then click Next (You can give any meaning full name)
  • Select the operation add & the click Next
  • Skip this page, just click Next
  • click done

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STEP 4 :  Now drag & drop the Calculator Connection (which we have created in previous blog)to right hand side of integration (i.e. at Invoke) as shown in below image

  • Write the endpoint name & the click Next (You can give any meaning full name)
  • select the below options & the click Next :
                                Select the Port : CalculatorSoap
                                Select the Operation : Add

  • Skip this configuration header page, just click Next
  • Click Done

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STEP 5 : Click the upper mapper to edit, as shown in below image

STEP 6 : Map the columns as shown in the below image and then click to Validate and then click Close

STEP 7 : Similarly click the lower mapper to edit

STEP 8 : Map the columns as shown in below image and then click Validate and then click Close

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STEP 9 : In the upper right corner, click the hamburger menu and then click Tracking

STEP 10 : Map the *intA (left hand side)  to Primary(right hand side) and then click Save

STEP 11 : click Save and then Close the integration. Your Calculator integration completed.

in next blog, we will see how to test this integration.....thank you !

Creating SOAP connection for calculator integration

In this blog we will know how to configure SOAP connection for calculator integration( blog ). Here we will create two independent connections one Trigger connection and one Invoke connection.

Complexity : None
Prerequisites : 
Calculator service WSDL URL :  http://www.dneonline.com/calculator.asmx?WSDL

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Steps for Trigger connection :

STEP 1: On the Oracle Integration Cloud Service home page, click the Integrations then click Connections

STEP 2 : Click the Create button

STEP 3 : Search for SOAP and select SOAP adapter

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STEP 4: Enter the below details & then click Create
  • Name : enter any name (ex- Trigger Calculator Conn)
  • Role : select Trigger

STEP 5 : In the left hand side of connection properties, click the Configure Connectivity & enter the details as shown in below image & then click Ok
  • WSDL URL :  http://www.dneonline.com/calculator.asmx?WSDL

STEP 6: In the left hand side of Security panel, click the Configure Security and then select Username Password Token as shown in below image and then click Ok

STEP 7: Click on Save then click Test then click Validate and Test and finally click Close

Final connection page view :

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Steps for Invoke connection :
  • Go to Connections tab from navigation panel & Click the Create button

  • Search for SOAP and select SOAP adapter
  • Enter the below details & then click Create
             Name : enter any meaningful name (ex :Invoke Calculator Conn)
            Role :  Invoke
  • In the left hand side of connection properties, click the Configure Connectivity & enter the details as shown in below image & then click Ok
            WSDL URL : http://www.dneonline.com/calculator.asmx?WSDL

  • In the left hand side of Security panel, click the Configure Security and then select No Security Policy as shown in below image and then click Ok               

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  • Click on Save then click Test then click Validate and Test and finally click Close   

  Final connection page view :

Your connection is ready now & in the next blog we will use this configured SOAP connection in our integration.