March 3, 2019

Testing of Calculator Integration having SOAP Connections

In the previous blog we have seen how to develop Integration having SOAP connection. Now in this blog we will see how to test it.
(Integration Name: Calculator Integration)

Complexity : None

Prerequisite : SoapUI Tool

Step 1 : Activate the developed integration , then click Activate when prompted

Step 2 : Once the Integration get activated, copy the WSDL URL that popup at top of screen.

Step 3 : Now open SoapUI tool and then click on SOAP icon and then paste the above copied WSDL URL and then click Ok

Step 4 : Add timestamp & basic authentication(UsernameToken) in Header of request payload and then run the request.

Note : In basic authentication you have to pass your OIC userid & password

Congratulation! you have successfully configured and tested an Integration having SOAP Connection.

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