' oicbasics: Development of Calculator Integration | SOAP Connection
March 3, 2019

Development of Calculator Integration | SOAP Connection

 Use Case : 
In this blog we will develop a Basic Routing Integration which will do summation of two numbers.
Suppose we will pass 5 & 6 as Input of Integration, Output we will get is 11.

*Note : you can click on any image to zoom out.

Complexity: None

  • Calculator SOAP Connection (please see previous blog to know how to create this connection in OIC)
  • SoapUI - 5.5.0 Tool to test this integration (you can download it from google, make sure that you download the latest version 5.5.0 or Upgraded version then 5.5.0)

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lets see the development steps in detail:

STEP 1 : In the navigation pane, click Integration then click Create

STEP 2 : select Basic Routing and enter the Integration Name and then click Create

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STEP 3 : Drag & Drop the Calculator Connection (which we have created in previous blog) from right hand side connection pane to left hand side Trigger part of Integration (as shown in below image)

  • Write end point name & then click Next (You can give any meaning full name)
  • Select the operation add & the click Next
  • Skip this page, just click Next
  • click done

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STEP 4 :  Now drag & drop the Calculator Connection (which we have created in previous blog)to right hand side of integration (i.e. at Invoke) as shown in below image

  • Write the endpoint name & the click Next (You can give any meaning full name)
  • select the below options & the click Next :
                                Select the Port : CalculatorSoap
                                Select the Operation : Add

  • Skip this configuration header page, just click Next
  • Click Done

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STEP 5 : Click the upper mapper to edit, as shown in below image

STEP 6 : Map the columns as shown in the below image and then click to Validate and then click Close

STEP 7 : Similarly click the lower mapper to edit

STEP 8 : Map the columns as shown in below image and then click Validate and then click Close

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STEP 9 : In the upper right corner, click the hamburger menu and then click Tracking

STEP 10 : Map the *intA (left hand side)  to Primary(right hand side) and then click Save

STEP 11 : click Save and then Close the integration. Your Calculator integration completed.

in next blog, we will see how to test this integration.....thank you !


If you have any doubts, Please let me know.