March 3, 2019

Development of Calculator Integration | SOAP Connection

 Use Case : 
In this blog we will develop a Basic Routing Integration which will do summation of two numbers.
Suppose we will pass 5 & 6 as Input of Integration, Output we will get is 11.

*Note : you can click on any image to zoom out.

Complexity: None

  • Calculator SOAP Connection (please see previous blog to know how to create this connection in OIC)
  • SoapUI - 5.5.0 Tool to test this integration (you can download it from google, make sure that you download the latest version 5.5.0 or Upgraded version then 5.5.0)


lets see the development steps in detail:

STEP 1 : In the navigation pane, click Integration then click Create

STEP 2 : select Basic Routing and enter the Integration Name and then click Create


STEP 3 : Drag & Drop the Calculator Connection (which we have created in previous blog) from right hand side connection pane to left hand side Trigger part of Integration (as shown in below image)

  • Write end point name & then click Next (You can give any meaning full name)
  • Select the operation add & the click Next
  • Skip this page, just click Next
  • click done


STEP 4 :  Now drag & drop the Calculator Connection (which we have created in previous blog)to right hand side of integration (i.e. at Invoke) as shown in below image

  • Write the endpoint name & the click Next (You can give any meaning full name)
  • select the below options & the click Next :
                                Select the Port : CalculatorSoap
                                Select the Operation : Add

  • Skip this configuration header page, just click Next
  • Click Done


STEP 5 : Click the upper mapper to edit, as shown in below image

STEP 6 : Map the columns as shown in the below image and then click to Validate and then click Close

STEP 7 : Similarly click the lower mapper to edit

STEP 8 : Map the columns as shown in below image and then click Validate and then click Close


STEP 9 : In the upper right corner, click the hamburger menu and then click Tracking

STEP 10 : Map the *intA (left hand side)  to Primary(right hand side) and then click Save

STEP 11 : click Save and then Close the integration. Your Calculator integration completed.

in next blog, we will see how to test this integration.....thank you !


If you have any doubts, Please let me know.