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June 23, 2019

Create REST Trigger Connection

Knowledge :  👀 
Connection ? :  A connection is based on an adapter. For example, to create a connection to a specific RightNow Cloud application instance, you must select the Oracle RightNow adapter and then specify the WSDL URL, security Policy and security to connect to it.

STEP 1: Open Connections and then click on Create

STEP 2: Select REST Adapter

STEP 3: Enter below details and then click Create
  • *Name : enter any meaningful name
  • *Role : Select Trigger
  •  Description : enter some meaningful description

Knowledge :  👀 
Difference between Trigger & Invoke ?:  
*Trigger ( source connection ) - For request sent to OIC service
*Invoke ( target connection ) - For requests sent from OIC Service to the target.

STEP 4: Click on Save and then click Test and then click Close

STEP 5: Your REST Connection is ready to use in Integration

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