' oicbasics: Testing of dynamic email notification integration
July 23, 2019

Testing of dynamic email notification integration

STEP 1 : Activate the dynamic email Integration which was created in 
              the previous blog.

             Click Activate.

 STEP 2 :  Once the integration get activated click to open the endpoint
                URL as shown in below image.

              Copy the Endpoint URL 

STEP 3 :  Open the SOAP UI Tool & click on REST 

             Paste the Endpoint URL which you have copied in STEP 2 & click OK

STEP 4 :  Configure the below details as it is :
  1. Method :   select POST 
  2. Media Type :    select application/xml      
  3. Enter the below details in box   

        **Now add the Authentication as suggested in sequence in below Image
         Here you have to enter your OIC Instance UserId & Password

        Click the RUN button as shown in below image

           In response payload you will get 202 Accepted message. It means your 
        Dynamic Email Integration get hitted successfully.


        You can track your Integration flow by opening the OIC Instance and then 

        open the Monitoring Window and then click at Tracking.

STEP 5 :  Testing completed, You will get one email notification as shown below 
                With the Inputs in Tabular form which you have passed in SOAP UI 
                as Inputs.

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