January 25, 2020

Development of integration using OIC Agent

Overview :

In the previous blog we have learned basics about OIC Connectivity Agent and the steps to install it in a local machine (personal laptop)

Now in this blog we will create an integration to insert records into a database using the installed connectivity Agent.

*Make sure your system is connected with open network.

Prerequisite :

  • Oracle database 11g XE(Express Edition)software. Access this blog to download the software and to know the steps to configure it in a local machine (your personal laptop).
  • Configure OIC connectivity Agent. ( You can Access this blog to configure it. )

High-Level development Steps :
  1. Create a connection to connect with oracle database.
  2. Create a scheduled integration.
  3. select the above database connection and configured it by selecting the operation name and table name.
  4. Hardcode one message which you want to insert in database.
  5. Run the integration & submit it.
  6. Open the SQL developer & verify the record get inserted into the database.

Let's see the steps in detail:

Create Connection :

STEP 1: 
Select Oracle Database Adapter in create connection panel.

Enter Connection Name & click Ok.

Now configure the connection properties by adding local database connection details which we configured in the previous blog.

                                *Host : localhost
                  *Port : 1522
                   SID  : xe
Click Ok.

Now add the local database credentials and then click Ok.

                           *Username : SYSTEM
                *Password : enter the local database password 

Select Agent Group which we have configured in previous blog.

Click Save , Test and Close.

Connection is ready to use.


Create Integration : 

Create new Schedule Integration having meaningful name and description. 

Select the database connection which we have configured above.

select table "TEST_AGENT" which we have created in previous blog            

Click Import Tables

Select & declare primary key. Click Ok

Click Next.
Click Done.

Click to Edit the mapper 

Right Click 'message' tag and click "Create Target Node"

Hard code any message (ex: "Agent007") & then click Validate and Close.

Enable the Tracker 

Save and Close the Integration.

 Activate integration and Submit it. 

Open SQL developer and run the select query , you can see the message get inserted into your localhost database successfully.



If you have any doubts, Please let me know.