September 21, 2020

Replace Existing Connection with New Connection in OIC Integration


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This article published in October 2020 Edition of Oracle PaaS Partner Community Newsletter

New update in OIC allow us to replace any connection used in an integration with another connection of same Type and Role. Earlier if you want to replace any existing connection of an integration for that you had to delete the existing connection and then configure a new connection in place of that .This action affect the downstream flow and you had to reconfigure most of the thing. It was totally a REWORK.

How this new update can help you ? 

One case scenario - suppose you want to change the connection name of a connection that you have used in your integration. You can achieve this using this new feature ' #Replace '. Just replace the older connection with new connection having new name. It will not affect your downstream flow. NO REWORK:)

Steps Overview to replace older connection with new connection from an Integration :

  • Deactivate the integration.
  • Click on Actions(hamburger sign) and then click Configure.

  • Replace the connection with new connection. Make sure that new connection is of same Role and Type as existing. For Ex- If your older connection was REST Type and Role is TRIGGER then it will get replace by REST TRIGGER only. 

  • Done. Click save and close. Your connection replaced with new connection. Activate and test the integration.

#Hands-on Practice :

Lets do one end to end hands-on practice by replacing one connection name from one integration that was already developed in one previous blog.

Step 1 : Follow this blog and develop the 'SAMPLE ECHO INTEGRATION'.

Step 2 : Once you develop the integration, save and close. Click on Actions(Hamburger Sign) and then click Configure.

Step 3 : click 'REPLACE' icon, as shown in below image.

Step 4 : Replace it with new connection having new name. In this case I am replacing my existing REST TRIGGER connection named-'Sample REST Endpoint' with new connection name as 'REST_Conn' of same Role:REST and Type: Trigger.

  • Connection replaced with new connection having new name.

Step 5 : click save and then click on arrow sign to exit configuration window.

Step 6 : Connection replaced successfully. Now you can activate and test the integration. You can access this blog for testing.

Thank You :)


  1. Much needed capability.. will save a lot of time

  2. Good one Amit...keep posting such useful new features of OIC.

  3. Let's suppose we have different schema selected inside the DBaaS endpoint, and now we want to change the connection name alongwith the schema name as well, so will it have any impact on the downstream? Will we have to still rework on the mapping?

    1. Dear this experiment you can do by yourself & please let us know the result :)

  4. I dont see Replace Option in OIC version. Is this option introduced later?

    1. are you checking in free trial OIC Instance ? :)


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