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March 14, 2021

Throw New Fault Action Testing

In this article i have mentioned the testing steps for the Throw New Fault Hands-on Integration which i have created in the previous post.

  •  Activate the integration make sure to ✓ Enable the Tracing 

  • Run the integration by clicking play button

CASE 1 : When Input Number-1 > Number-2 

  • Pass Inputs, Number-1 =100 & Number-2 = 80 and then click Test
  • You can see the output of subtraction operation(100-20=80). 

In this case Through New Fault didn't execute because of its skip condition i.e. Validation Check Passed , Number-1 is greater then Number-2. Subtract operation can happen. so it invoke the calculator API.

*Check below image for better understanding

Click on image to zoom out

CASE 2 : When Input Number-1 < Number-2 

  • Again test the integration by passing inputs as Number-1=100 and Number-2=200
  • You can see the Error Message (exactly the same which we have configured in Through New Fault Activity) because the skip condition check failed, Number-1 is not greater then Number-2. So Through New fault executed and send error message to default handler (inside scope)
*Check below image for better understanding

Click on image to zoom out

I hope this complete end to end Hands-on article helped you to understand Through New Fault Activity. Please do let me know in the comment section below 😊

Thank You ! 

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