May 3, 2021

Migration of Integration from one environment to another | Single Integration Migration | OIC Integration Migration


You can do migration of Integrations from one OIC Instance to another in two different ways :

1. Single Integration Migration : You just have to Export the Integration from current Instance and Import it to new OIC Instance.

2. Multiple Integration Migration : Now suppose you want to migrate multiple integration in single go then you can achieve it by Package Migration. You can group integrations into a package. When you import or export the package to or from Oracle Integration Instance, all integrations in that package are imported or exported.

Knowledge :  
Packages ? : You can group one or more integrations into a single structure called a package to easily import and export them to and from OIC service. Packages being optional, integration do not be a part of them. At least one integration is needed for a package to exist.

Lets see the steps in detail :

1 . Single Integration Migration ~

  • Login OIC instance.In the left navigation pane, click  Home >Integrations.
  • Go to the row of the Integration which you want to migrate. Click on Actions menu menu.

  • Select Export.
  •  .iar file of the integration automatically get downloaded

  • Now login to another OIC Instance and then migrate to Integrations page. Select Import

  • select the .iar file which we have exported above
  • After choosing the .iar file, click Import and Configure
  • Now once integration got imported you have to configure the Integration Connection, Lookups etc if any present in the imported integration. For the integration which i have taken as example don't have any Connection, Lookups etc. so just click back arrow "<" and come out of this window.
  • Activate the Integration.
  • Your integration is ready to use in New OIC Instance. Migration of Integration completed.

2. Multiple Integration Migration :   click to access the post

If you have any doubts, Please let me know.