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May 25, 2021

Package Migration or Multiple Integration Migration | OIC Integration Migration

Please access the previous blog to check first part i.e Single Integration Migration steps.

In this article we will see the steps of Multiple Integration Migration or Package Migration : If your requirement is to migration multiple integration in one go then you have to put all the required migration in one package. You can put the package name while creating the Integration (as shown in below image)

Note: Suppose you forget to put the package name while creating the integration then you can give the package name after integration development also. To check that please check this blog.

Lets see the steps in detail for package migration with one simple example :

  • Create two simple scheduled integration and put similar Package Name (for example - INT_PACKAGE) in both so that when we migrate this package to new environment both of them got migrated automatically.

  • Now lets Export the Package 
    • In the left navigation menu , click Packages and then go to the row of the Package which you want to export. In our case we are exporting package INT_PACKAGE
    • Click on Actions menu menu & then click Export. Save the Exported file (.par file)

  • Now login to another OIC Instance where you want to import these integrations.
    • In the left navigation menu click Packages and then click Import

    • Choose the .par file (example INT_PACKAGE.par) which got exported in above steps and then click Import and Configure
NOTE : Integrations in an exported package do not contain connection credentials. You may provide this data before activating the integrations.

    • Once the package got imported successfully, you can see the Configuration Editor window. Here you have to configure the connections, lookups etc details. In this Hands-on example - Integration-1 & Integration-2 don't have any such connections or lookups, so just click the back arrow sign  <  to exit this window.

    • Migration of multiple integrations completed, now you can Activate the Integrations and can test them.

                  Thank you !

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