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May 26, 2021

Package in OIC | Add package for Integration

Knowledge :  
Packages ? : You can group one or more integrations into a single structure called a package to easily import and export them to and from OIC service. Packages being optional, integration do not be a part of them. At least one integration is needed for a package to exist.

You can put Integrations inside a package using two different way :

1st -- At the time of Integration development only just enter the package name (as shown in below image )

2nd -- After integration development. Suppose you want to add package in existing (already developed ) integration.

Lets see the detail steps to add package in existing (already developed ) integration :

  • Deactivate the integration in which you want to add Package.

  • Once the integration got deactivated , click edit icon ✎

  • Click to expand the hamburger sign (top right ) Actions menu
    • then click Primary Info

  • Enter your package name in front of  Package column. In my case i have given INT_PACKAGE for example purpose. After entering Package Name click Save and then Close

  • Now you can Activate the Integration.

  • Package name got added successfully. If you want to cross verify just click on the  down arrow "\/", you can see the Package Name got populated in package column.

           Thank You !

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